Serviceability to Consider

Consider these Now or Regret it Later

When purchasing a new piece of equipment, this is a top 10 list of serviceability considerations to think about.

1) Fuel fill position: accessibility, opening size, is usually associated with hand held equipment but it is important on all equipment.

2) Starter rope replacement: Do you have easy access, and could you install it without special tools?

3) Starter motor replacement or rebuild: Do you have easy access? Will it be a costly component to rebuild or replace?

4) Spark plug(s): Are they located in an easy accessible area? Do they require special connections? Are replacements easily purchased? Cost?

5) Air filter: Is the filter in a convenient location? Does it have a pre-filter? Do you need special tools to replace? Are replacements expensive? How often does the manufacture want you to replace them? Can they be cleaned or do they need to be replaced?

6) Belt replacement (where applicable): Do you have easy access to pulleys and belt guides? Is the routing information easily available? Do the part numbers for replacement belt(s) obtainable? Cost? Are there aftermarket belts available? Cost?

7) Grease fitting: Is there location information? What is the number of required lubrication points? Does it take special lubrication?

8) Engine oil drain: Is the drain in a convenient location? When the oil is draining does it drain clear of belts or other components? Does the oil drain easily into catch container?

9) Ignition module: Is it easy to replace? Can you remove the shroud to access the flywheel without a lot of work?

10) Carburetor: Can the carburetor be removed simply and without special tools? What is the cost of a replacement? Can you drain the bowl to remove water or debris without difficultly?


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On-Site Training

Possibly your business model as it relates to systematic equipment repairs, safety training, or preventative maintenance programs is in need of assistance.

ATTN offers a wide range of on-site training solutions in which we will work with management, supervisors and foremen, technicians, and crews to provide training programs that will save time and money for your organization.

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ATTN provides consulting services for your organization’s equipment related needs.  We offer a range of assistance such as:

  • Equipment  procurement strategies based upon application
  • Analysis of fleet and repair operations
  • Equipment productivity maximization

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The Advanced Technical Training Network (ATTN) management team is comprised of individuals with over 85 years of combined experience in the outdoor power equipment and green industry. Our diverse backgrounds encompass the following areas:

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  • Landscape company ownership and management
  • OPE dealership ownership, management, sales, and technical repairs / OPE parts connections
  • ISO 9000/9001 development and standards implementation
  • Educational curriculum development


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