Product Performance+Maintenance=Profit


  • Equipment performing to manufacturer design and specifications increases your profits.
  • The possibility for improved employee productivity.
  • Up to 20% improved fuel economy.

-For example a mower running low compression on 1 cylinder will increase your fuel consumption by up to 20%. 
-A trimmer with a clogged air filter will consume more fuel.

  • Equipment life performs to design expectations.
  • Equipment maintained to specifications performs within original safety feature parameters helps to reduce potential injury for the operator as well as bystanders.
  • Reduced emergency equipment break downs.

-Not many companies really analyze that a break down can cost a company over  $100/employee hour.

  • Proper maintenance and repair = reduced consequential damage on component parts.


  • Jobs finished on time per customer expectations.
  • Proper cutting performance saves on increased risk of disease, increased nutrient replenishment. 
    -A properly leveled deck with properly sharpened blades the belts can deliver full even power transfer from the engine. 
    -With sharp blades there will be less tip browning or shredding of the grass resulting in 33% less water requirements.
  • A properly maintained unit performs within the dba ratings per manufacturer’s design. 
    -Several communities and cities have begun implementation of noise abatement ordinances.  Some places you cannot operate a backpack blower over 70 dba.
    -Consideration of this is very customer friendly especially when operating near office or hospital facilities or maybe the baby just went to sleep and the lawn crew has shown up for the weekly maintenance.

Any one of these items will affect customer retention if you neglect them, and you could be handing your customer over to your competition. It is good business practice to set up regularly schedule preventative maintenance programs for your business.  Not only will you increase the life of your equipment, it will have a positive impact on the profitability of your company.


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Online Training

Great IdeaOnline Training Videos have to be one of the easiest and most informative ways to learn! We offer affordable membership options to allow members access to our online training videos and resources. Pull-up the information you need at any time, and from any computer or browser-equipped device!  >>Learn more...

On-Site Training

Possibly your business model as it relates to systematic equipment repairs, safety training, or preventative maintenance programs is in need of assistance.

ATTN offers a wide range of on-site training solutions in which we will work with management, supervisors and foremen, technicians, and crews to provide training programs that will save time and money for your organization.

Consulting Services

ATTN provides consulting services for your organization’s equipment related needs.  We offer a range of assistance such as:

  • Equipment  procurement strategies based upon application
  • Analysis of fleet and repair operations
  • Equipment productivity maximization

About ATTN

The Advanced Technical Training Network (ATTN) management team is comprised of individuals with over 85 years of combined experience in the outdoor power equipment and green industry. Our diverse backgrounds encompass the following areas:

  • Manufacturer level engineering , quality assurance, and product testing
  • International and national level technical training for dealers, landscape and tree care professionals
  • Landscape company ownership and management
  • OPE dealership ownership, management, sales, and technical repairs / OPE parts connections
  • ISO 9000/9001 development and standards implementation
  • Educational curriculum development


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